Summer Solstice (2014)

An old friend of mine had an odd assortment of NYC people up to a rustic place near Kingston, NY, where he was housesitting, to celebrate the summer solstice. It was a unique event.

Relaxing in Hanoi

The seniors in Vietnam really know how to relax. It's also interesting how stylish these older men usually are, and quite amusing to see some of the exercises the women do (or whatever it is). This is from a 2013 trip.

Kyoto in the Autumn

Kyoto is an amazing place to see Autumn leaves. There are dozens of temples and hundreds of shrines with accompanying gardens which have been cultivated for their beauty for hundreds of years, always with a mind to how they appear at different seasons. Also in Kyoto is a macaque (snow monkey) sanctuary, where you are warned not to stare too long at the animals. I was to learn that having cameras pointed at them too long is also a no-no.

I shot this on a trip in 2014.